Who am I?Who do I want to Become?
What are my Opportunities?What is my Plan for achieving my Goals?

What are my Opportunities?

Now that you have a better sense of your interests, skills, values, learning style, and your personality, it’s time to see what opportunities are out there for you to explore.

Opportunities will present themselves to you each and every day of your life. Many have the potential to lead you closer to your career goal, or at least, to figuring out what that goal will be. Now it’s up to you to see what options are out there!

“Exploring Opportunities” can mean things such as:

  • Exploring the concept of “opportunity” and how your choices can open up future pathways
  • Identifying co-curricular and community based opportunities (e.g. recreational, social, leadership, volunteer, part-time employment) that can help you learn more about a career and begin to build the skills for success in it
  • Investigating a variety of fields of work, occupations and jobs and the potential impact of local and global trends on the opportunities available to you
  • Investigating the preparation required for a variety of co-curricular and community-based opportunities, occupations and jobs and how this preparation can be obtained

Here are some options to get experience in a career area of interest while you’re in high school:

  • Take Our Kids to Work Day – a one-day workplace experience for all Grade 9 students in Ontario
  • Job shadowing/Twinning – a one-on-one observation of a worker/coop student in their place of employment for up to three days
  • Cooperative Education – a planned learning experience for which secondary school credits are earned
  • Career Fairs – find out when one is coming to your school community, and plan to go. You’ll learn about jobs you didn’t even know existed!
  • Extracurricular Activities – do like to play sports? Play an instrument? Be in a play? Help organize events? Get involved in the activities offered at your school. Not only will you meet people and have fun, you’ll gain valuable experience connected to careers that are related to your activities.
  • 40 Hours of Community Involvement – it’s a graduation requirement in Ontario, so why not spend it doing something you love? You never know where it might lead…
  • Check out the Experiential Learning programs on this site – the WCDSB offers amazing specialized program opportunities that allow students to get experience and build your learning around a sector and area of your interest.