College Pathway

What is the Outlook?

  • Ontario’s public colleges offer over 4500 programs, ranging from one-year diplomas to 4-year degrees in Applied Arts, Business, Health and Human Services, and Technology
  • There are currently 29 colleges in major cities throughout Ontario
  • Many of these programs offer collaborative, consecutive, or degree transfer options to University at a later time.
  • Currently, record numbers of University graduates are applying to College programs to increase their employment opportunities
  • There are many ways to ultimately complete a degree program through beginning in an apprenticeship
  • Employment rates are currently at around 93% for Ontario College graduate

What is required of me?

  • With the enormous amount of programs available, requirements vary greatly however; generally speaking, an OSSD is required thereby making the Grade 12 English credit crucial in most cases. Some programs may require senior Math and / or Science credits.
  • Some programs are significantly more competitive than others including but not exclusively in the areas of Health, Human Services, and Media.
  • College programs can be one, two, or three years in length. Collaborative college / university programs are typically completed over the span of four years.

How can I get more information?

Talk to your guidance counsellor, meet with College representatives when they visit your school or at a regional College Fair, and visit these important sites:

Ontario Colleges


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School Finder