University Pathway

What is the Outlook?

  • Graduates from University have the opportunity to do very well upon graduation – as a matter of fact, there are certain occupations that absolutely require candidates to have earned a University Degree.
  • There are approximately 20 degree granting institutions in Ontario and many Universities have affiliate colleges and/or multiple campuses. The number of applicants to Ontario universities has been increasing year over year. Ontario universities share the Province’s major objective of expanding access to increase the proportion of Ontarians who have completed a university degree.

What is required of me?

The basic requirement for admission is the student’s top 6 marks in “U” or “M” (U/C) courses; most programs have specific subject requirements that must be included in the six submitted courses, and some universities even require a minimum number of “U” courses versus “M”s. All programs require that a student has ENG 4U on their transcript.

Most Undergraduate programs are four years in length

Applicants to Ontario Universities apply online through OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre). Some universities / programs require the submission of supplemental applications, portfolios, and/or auditions for admission.

How can I get more information?

Talk to your guidance counsellor, meet with University representatives when they visit your school or at a regional Universities Fair, and visit these important sites:


Ontario Universities’ Application Centre