Summer Cooperative Education


  • Summer Co-op allows students to earn two secondary co-op credits in the summer. It is an opportunity to complete a subject related work placement in the community that might not fit into a student’s regular school timetable.
  • Students will have a Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP), which demonstrates how the related course is being applied at the co-op placement. Work placements in a skilled trade area also include trade specific performance objectives.
  • The Cooperative Education course consists of a classroom component and a placement component. The classroom component provides opportunities for students to reflect on, and reinforce learning in the workplace.
  • Pre-placement instruction occurs in May & June (3 Saturdays) at St. Mary’s High School, and prepares students for the workplace. It includes instruction in areas of key importance such as health and safety. A calendar will be provided outlining school/work days. Students will work at a placement for 8 hours a day.
  • Students must commit to the entire program. Personal holidays are not permitted.
  • This program is available to Gr.11 and 12 students who are 16 years old by the end of June. Enrollment will be capped and applications received after the end of March may not be considered. Priority will be given to students requiring one or two credits to graduate and SHSM students who cannot fit co-op into their regular school timetable.
  • Apprenticeship registration may be possible during this program, at the discretion of the employer.

Summer Co-op Fact Sheet