Who am I?Who do I want to Become?
What are my Opportunities?What is my Plan for achieving my Goals?

Who do I Want to Become?

As you continue to explore your opportunities, you become better informed to make some decisions and set some goals for your future educational and career planning. To engage in the decision making process and help answer the question of “Who Do I Want to Become”, you will be given opportunities in school to:

  • Identify the demands, rewards and other features of the opportunities you have explored and reflect on the fit between those features and your personal profile
  • Based on the connections you identify, use a decision-making process to set personal and interpersonal goals as well as education and career/life goals
  • Review and revise your goals in light of changes that may arise to your personal profile and in available opportunities

Each year (Grades 7 – 12) you have the opportunity to set goals as part of your Individual Pathways Plan, available through your profile on myBlueprint. Take the opportunity to review and revise those goals based on your new experiences. myBlueprint.ca has a goal setting activity to get you started.