Accident Reporting

In Case of Injury

Contact your teacher immediately if you have been injured on the job.

  • In case of an accident, the employer will prompt the student to contact the teacher.
  • Accident¬†reporting must be completed by the teacher if a workplace injury has occurred or if the student misses time at their placement due to the incident.
  • Students are to report an injury immediately to their placement supervisor and their teacher. Students notify their teacher (by phone or email) if an injury occurs.
  • It is advised that students do not go out on co-op during non-school days (holidays, PD days, etc.) unless a co-op teacher is available to monitor the student(s) especially¬†with respect to Health & Safety.
  • It is advised that a teacher or administrator at the school level be available to complete all aspects of the accident report, if a student does work at their placement during non-school days. Arrangements must be made in advance to ensure adequate supervision.