Each year, Secondary classes are partnered with Elementary classes to collaborate on the Apps4Learning project.

The students work collaboratively to design an educational App for use by Elementary students to learn or study their curriculum. The program is designed to start and finish in an 18-week period (1 secondary semester).

The students meet several times, with specific tasks to be completed in between meetings. Within this structure, both grade levels create learning opportunities that are collaborative, project-based, and focused on real-world outcomes.

The elementary students become a vital part of the team for the development of the apps because they are the “clients” and the subject matter experts; the elementary curriculum expectation will be the focus of the app.

The secondary students design and create the apps using Web-based authoring tools, with their classroom teacher, and industry professionals who mentor them throughout the process. The Business and Education Partnership of Waterloo Region (BEP) is a valued partner in this program.

Students have the opportunity to:

  • Develop critical thinking, problem solving, creative design, time management, and organization skills
  • Network across high school and elementary school students
  • Foster collaboration, and build leadership skills
  • Connect to industry mentors
  • Learn the skills and process involved in developing an educational app

Interested in participating?

  • Talk to your classroom teacher, and
  • Email Michael Leonard, Leader of Experiential Learning

View our 2019 Apps

View our 2019 Apps